We have over 30 years of collective experience in video production for live events and web-streaming across the UK and Europe.


Ben Butt

Producer / Director of Live Streaming

Ben loves making people happy with his expansive experience in making the projects seamless from beginning to end, he loves to bring your vision alive.

Rob Hargreaves

Chief “Technical Officer”

The head honcho when it comes to all things video production and live streaming webcasting related.

Ian Jones

Head Camera Man

Ian brings 20 plus years of production to life and has a thorough eye for great things. You can rest assured that if Ian is on site, you’ll guarantee a perfect result.

Francesco Tornabene

Chief Editor

Francesco is the man responsible for sending you any after videos should you need them. He is a speedy, professional and articulate team member who knows what you want better than anyone else.

Maja Mihalik

Customer Relationship Specialist

Maja loves to stay in touch and stay connected to your needs. She is the one who listens to what you want and then has us transform it into your vision.

Kay Westmorland

Financial Team

Kay brings fun to finance. She has a fun way of working and brings the balance sheet into alignment and stays in touch with you to ensure you pay us:>)